Photo Gallery – SportsX Games – 24*7 Access

SportsX - Football. Snooker, Cricket, Table Tennis

Photo Gallery – SportsX Games – 24*7 Access

SportsX – Football, Snooker, Table Tennis Cricket

Contact us for corporate discounts.

We have 24*7 rooftop football grounds for 5-a-side and 7-a-side football matches.

Enjoy a relaxed game of Table Tennis or Snooker with snacks and refreshments at SportsX cafe after a busy day at work. We are located close to Manyata Tech Park (2.5km, 10-minute drive).

Enjoy rooftop floodlight football or cricket with your office colleagues. Contact us for special offers for corporates.

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Let us know which games are you interested in playing. We have special corporate discounts for football, cricket, table tennis, and snooker on weekdays, including floodlight football and cricket. Please fill-in the enquiry form to know more about our special offers.

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